Bake My Words is the ultimate AI-powered game for language learning. Play Bake My Words to master the English language for CBSE, competitive exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, learn grammar for senior school and college exams, expand your vocabulary, and learn sentence building and expressions.

Depending on your learning need, choose one of the four journeys to play and get feedback:

  • Pro Learning: Here you are exposed to high-quality questions that help you sharpen your knowledge of English words, idioms, and formal and informal English. A large number of questions based on sentences help you become proficient in English grammar, including parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and article.
  • Fun Learning: Experience bite-size content like never before. You will be able to expand your English vocabulary and expressions while you playfully build meaningful sentences and phrases.
  • Creative Expressions: In the mood to get inspiration? Test your recall of popular expressions, like movie titles, song lyrics, famous quotations, and more.
  • Academics: Prepare for your CBSE English Exam.

The setting and props of Bake My Words are built on the baking paradigm, which makes the learning experience fun. You bake when you get it right; you burn when you get it wrong. The more you bake, the more you earn points, cookies, and badges.

The more you bake or burn, the more you learn.Your vocabulary, expressions, and mastery over the English language grows exponentially as you keep playing. Bake My Words comes with dictionary integration. So when you tap highlighted words in the strings you just played, you get linguistic details about the words in wordcards. Details such as meanings, the pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, and more will help you master English and step into the world of global students and professionals with confidence.

Bake My Words is currently available for learning English. If you are a keen learner and aspire for admission in a global university, we strongly recommend that you play Bake My Words regularly. We will keep adding challenges, so your vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills become world-class.

Bake My Words is available in a freemium model. You can download and play it for free.

We think Bake My Words is for everyone who wants to learn and master English. Your goal could be—preparation for competitive exams, mastery of the language, vocabulary building, or generally getting better at speaking and writing English. Regardless of your goal, you will find many free modules. In fact, you can get up to 40 hours of free practice. After that, you can buy modules based on your interest for greater coverage and mastery.

So why wait? Download the game right away and start playing. Invite your children, parents, friends, and co-workers to play. We promise, ‘Bake or burn, you will surely learn!’.

We think Bake My Words is for everyone. We have journeys, playlists, and fun elements for all.

Pro Learning is for serious learners. If you are in primary school, start with grammar. If you are in high school, increase your exposure of words for IELTS and TOEFL. Learn idioms and nuances of informal English to speak in an engaging manner.

In Fun Learning, anyone with a basic understanding of sentence structure in the English language can play the Starter track and bake like a pro. To make sure that the player is learning, we increase the difficulty level gradually and offer three more tracks: Challenger, Achiever, and Genius.

In Academics, you can find the entire curriculum for CBSE English. The multiple-choice questions are handcrafted by subject domain experts to ensure you excel in your exams.

Anyone can play Creative Expressions. Our content is age-agnostic and biasfree. If you come across any sentence or phrase that does not resonate with modern sensibilities, it’s most likely that the sentence or phrase is either a proverb or a quote from another time. Use the Flag icon on the screen to give us feedback on a string or question.

So why wait? Download the game right away and start playing. Invite your children, parents, friends, and co-workers to play. We promise, ‘Bake or burn, you will surely learn!’.

While most playlists in Bake My Words are free, some high-quality lists for competitive exams and English mastery are paid. These playlists come with a Lock icon. You can make in-app purchases to unlock these playlists.

A few examples of playlists that are paid are CBSE in Academics, Genius in Fun Learning and Adjectives, Adverbs, Creative Expressions, and premium lists for TOEFL and IELTS in Pro Learning.

Bake My Words gives you intelligent feedback as you play:

  • Bakes: Number of rounds correctly answered
  • Burns: Number of rounds incorrectly answered
  • Points: Score you get for bakes. Speed, hints used, and the comparative performance of last few rounds are considered
  • Playlists learned: Playlists in which you have got 80% and more bakes
  • Words learned: Words you have learned while playing
  • Wordcards seen: Number of wordcards you have referenced
  • Bakemarks: Number of times you have bakemarked strings and questions to review and practice
  • Badges: Milestones you have reached in your learning process
  • Cookies: Reward points you have earned that you can redeem to get hints or access special features
  • Leaderboard: Your performance versus other learners’ performance. If you are the topper type, you should figure here. Check if you are improving your rank.

Learning is most effective when it’s fun. So we created an aesthetically pleasing and fun ambience for Bake My Words with a baking paradigm. Imagine yourself as a baker when you play the game. At the end of every round, you either bake or burn.

Baking is success and gets you points. Burning is no points but a ton of learning.

There could be some cases where you might think that you have unjumbled the string correctly but Bake My Words did not give you points. This is because Bake My Words is expecting the answer the Superbaker has fed into it. In future versions, you can expect Bake My Words to get smarter and recognize all possible correct answers.

If you come across many such cases, do email us at support@cretorial.com with the examples. We promise to take a look and do something about it as soon as possible.

That’s a great question! When you don’t find the first word highlighted in a string, it’s because that string is a phrase (and not a complete sentence). Here’s an example of a phrase and a sentence:

Phrase: a proud cat with long whiskers

Sentence: You will miss me when I am gone

The best way to find out the track that’s right for you is by playing a few rounds of the Starter track or the Genius track. You will get a sense of the difficulty level and change the track if required.

Bake My Words also tries to be helpful. It prompts you to move to the next track if you are baking with aplomb. Similarly, if Bake My Words finds you burning round after round, it will prompt you to move to the previous track. Isn’t that cool?

Bake My Words wants to celebrate all the achievements in your learning journey. 

Here’s how we do that in our latest version:

Pro Learning

  • Minimum 200 points for a bake
  • Extra points for speed 
  • Badges for different milestones
  • Information on wordcards seen, revision rounds, and playlists learned
  • Individual analysis on weak areas of grammar and recommended playlists

Fun Learning and Creative Expressions

  • Minimum 200 points for a bake
  • Extra points for a bake if a string is longer than 5 words (50 points for every additional word) 
  • 250 cookies and the Welcome badge to welcome you when you play Bake My Words for the first time
  • Badges for different milestones, such as first 3 bakes, first 5 bakes, first 10 bakes, 25000 points, and more. See all the badges from the Achievements screen of the game. 

Here are some things we would like to do in the future:

  • Support collaborative learning and competition: Our Multiplayer version is coming soon!
  • Social flaunting: We would like to build a community of Bake My Words players and celebrate your achievements on the most happening platforms.
  • Contests: Watch out for contest announcements and exciting prizes. Keep playing and collecting badges!
  • AI-powered learning assistant: We are building our game as a learning platform. As more and more users play and learn, we will finetune our learning assistant to provide you feedback that helps you track your progress, ranking, and craft your learning journey.
  • Support for content contribution: If you love the language, we know that you would want to add your own favorite strings. We want to let you do that in some time. We are working on the framework now.
  • Prepping you for competitive exams: We would like Bake My Words to help students improve their vocabulary and communication skills and be ready to excel in competitive exams.

You can see all the badges you have earned and all other available badges on the Badges screen. The Badge button is on the home screen. Don’t miss flaunting your badges on your social channels!

Sure, you can. If you want to bookmark a string that you just played, look for the Bakemark icon on the Bake or Burn screen you’ve got. You can access all your bakemarked strings by clicking the Bakemarks button in your profile.
Have 20 or more bakemarked strings? You can play just with them so you can learn with your own set.
In Pro Learning, you can bakemark the words you have baked or burned in the Vocabulary rounds.
Surprise: We will soon bring learning circles where bakemarked strings will play an integral role in social learning. Stay tuned.

No, there’s no penalty for skipping strings. You just need to use your cookies.

Yes, you can add time by using your cookies. You will find the Add Time button on the right in your playing area.

We are happy to see you doing well! If you are baking like a pro at Starter, Challenger, or Achiever track, we recommend that you try playing the next track. 

If you are baking like a pro at the Genius track and still feel you can bake faster, do let us know at support@cretorial.com. And congratulations and applause from all of us at Bake My Words!

Yes, you can turn off the background music and sound from settings.

Yes, you can see the points of top-ranked players on the leaderboard. Access the leaderboard from the home screen.

Yes! When you first install and launch Bake My Words, we walk you through a tutorial that shows you the core activities - baking, using cookies to avoid a burn, bakemarking, and checking your badges and levels and the leaderboard. Later if you need help, you can access tutorials from your profile.
So why wait? Download the game right away, watch the tutorial, and start baking like a pro.

We are super-happy that you like the game and want your friends to play it. Please click the Share button in the game and send the download link to your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.

We are sorry to not have you as part of the Bake My Words community. Please note that we do not provide refunds, benefits, or other compensation to users in connection with the game or any other purchased service.

We appreciate user feedback as it keeps us agile, responsive, and exact. 

  • If you have suggestions on any Fun Learning round, you can click the Flag icon and share your feedback.
  • You can provide overall feedback for the app through the app or in play stores.
  • You can drop us an email at support@cretorial.com

If you are logged in as a guest and uninstall the app, you will lose your points, cookies, and badges. If you are logged in with your Facebook ID, we will retain your achievements and progress.
1 Can make an alias bakemywords and tie with Nandini Gupta’s account.

A purchase will give you complete access to all of the questions from that specific class. We have covered the entire CBSE syllabus for English in our app. Select your class and get ready to play!

No, after you pay to unlock your chosen class, you will have full access to all of the questions from all of the books for that class. You do not need to make any additional purchases to proceed.

Sure, you can. If you want to bookmark a string that you just played, look for the Bakemark icon on the Bake or Burn screen. You can access all your bakemarked strings by clicking the Bakemarks button in your profile. 

If you have a set of 20 or more bakemarked strings, you can play just with them so you can learn with your favourite questions and revise your burns.

Have feedback? We are all ears!

The Bake My Words team would love to hear about your experience playing the game. What do you like about the game? What is not working well? What changes would you like to see in future updates?



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