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Learning English
made easy and fun

The ultimate mix of education and entertainment, Bake My Words Plus lets you learn English expressions and grammar playfully like baking

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Quick. Simple. Fun!

Learn by Doing

Play each jumbled string of words by simply tapping the words in the correct sequence. What you get is a meaningful phrase or sentence.

Absorb Great Expressions

Experience a new way of consuming short, creative, age-agnostic content – phrases, everyday sentences and questions, quotes, proverbs, and idioms.

Progress at Your Speed

Play the tracks one by one or choose a track that's right for you. Get feedback and inspiration and become a master of the English language.

Share, Compete, and Collaborate

Be part of the community of Bake My Words Plus players. Enjoy learning from one another.

Language Learning Made Simple

Each person has a right to learn global languages. And, we give you the power to exercise your right to learn English through our intelligent and fun app.

Tracks and Levels

The four tracks let you progress through four difficulty levels. You can start playing at any track. Within each track, we see how you are doing and move you through different levels. You are never lost!

Bake and Burn

Imagine yourself as a baker when you play Bake My Words Plus. At the end of every round, you either bake or burn. Baking gets you points. Burning is no points but a ton of learning.

Your Toolset

Your toolset is to help you bake more. Add time and get hints whenever you are stuck. You can also skip the sentence or phrase.
Bakemarks is a great revision tool, once you save 20 bakemarks you play games with them.

Cookies and Badges

We celebrate your learning journey with cookies and badges. You can use your cookies to get an edge in the game. For example, you can get a hint or more play time. Badges are for flaunting!


What is Bake My Words Plus?
Is Bake My Words Plus free?
What is the recommended age for playing Bake My Words Plus?
What’s baking? And what’s burning?
I think I baked it right, but I got a burn. What’s cooking?
Why is the first word not highlighted in some strings?
How do I know which track is right for me?
What do I get other than points?
Where can I see all my badges?
Can I bookmark the sentences and phrases I like or find difficult?
Is there a penalty for skipping strings?
I think I need more time to bake. Can I get more time?
I want to play faster. Can I reduce the baking time for me?
I want to play without distractions. Can I turn off the music?
Can I see how other players are performing?
Are there any tutorials to get me started?
This is a great game. How do I share with my friends?
I purchased Bake My Words Plus but don't need the game now. Can I get a refund?
Will I lose my points, cookies, and badges if I uninstall Bake My Words Plus?

Have feedback? We are all ears!

The Bake My Words Plus team would love to hear about your experience playing the game. What do you like about the game? What is not working well? What changes would you like to see in future updates?

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