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Love to express yourself creatively? Get inspiration from thousands of popular expressions.


No more cramming for English exams; it's time to learn while playing! Play exam-focused playlists curated by experts.


Get ready to excel in the vocabulary test. Master key TOEFL words and their meanings and pronunciations.


Get ready to excel in the vocabulary test. Master key IELTS words and their meanings and pronunciations.


The backbone of a language is grammar. Take this quiz to learn and master English grammar.


Master English idioms to speak and write in style. Know them well to use them correctly.

Learn English in the most exciting way! Climb up the leaderboard and win badges while crafting sentences and phrases.


Start wordbaking. Soon you will challenge others!


Simple bakes are a cakewalk for you. Try tough cookies now.


You’re already a pro wordbaker. Time now to tom-tom.


The world knows your prowess with wordbaking. Applause!

Love to express yourself creatively? Get inspiration from thousands of popular expressions.


Dive into the treasure trove of memorable quotes. Learn how to find words for your thoughts.


Unjumble short, powerful lines from poems. Experience how poets create authentic expressions.


Who isn’t touched by music? Play with thousands of song lyrics to lift your mood and bust your stress.


Agree that a great movie title can draw us to the movie? Play with movie titles to experience crisp content.

Multi-Game Experience

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Multiple Choice

Are you looking to study abroad? Or simply improve your English? Take our quizzes on TOEFL and IELTS vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and style. Start an amazing journey to master English!

Words to Sentence

Unjumble words to discover thousands of expressions. Your English communication will become world-class.

Intelligent Feedback

Play and see how intelligent feedback helps you learn
and become an expert.


A bake tells you that you got it right.


A burn tells you that you got it wrong. Burning is learning.


You get points for bakes. As you play more, you bake more and score more.


You will get redeemable cookies sometimes if you are doing well.

Words Learned

We will share a list of words you have played and learned.

Needing Revision

Practice makes us perfect. We will give you a chance to practice your burns.


We have many badges to celebrate your achievements.


The leaderboard lets you see how other players are doing.

Happy Bakers mastering
English in 172 countries



Bake My Words is the ultimate AI-powered game for language learning. Play Bake My Words to master the English language for CBSE, competitive exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, learn grammar for senior school and college exams, expand your vocabulary, and learn sentence building and expressions.

Depending on your learning need, choose one of the four journeys to play and get feedback:

  • Pro Learning: Here you are exposed to high-quality questions that help you sharpen your knowledge of English words, idioms, and formal and informal English. A large number of questions based on sentences help you become proficient in English grammar, including parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and article.
  • Fun Learning: Experience bite-size content like never before. You will be able to expand your English vocabulary and expressions while you playfully build meaningful sentences and phrases.
  • Creative Expressions: In the mood to get inspiration? Test your recall of popular expressions, like movie titles, song lyrics, famous quotations, and more.
  • Academics: Prepare for your CBSE English Exam.

The setting and props of Bake My Words are built on the baking paradigm, which makes the learning experience fun. You bake when you get it right; you burn when you get it wrong. The more you bake, the more you earn points, cookies, and badges.

The more you bake or burn, the more you learn.Your vocabulary, expressions, and mastery over the English language grows exponentially as you keep playing. Bake My Words comes with dictionary integration. So when you tap highlighted words in the strings you just played, you get linguistic details about the words in wordcards. Details such as meanings, the pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, and more will help you master English and step into the world of global students and professionals with confidence.

Bake My Words is currently available for learning English. If you are a keen learner and aspire for admission in a global university, we strongly recommend that you play Bake My Words regularly. We will keep adding challenges, so your vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills become world-class.

Bake My Words is available in a freemium model. You can download and play it for free.

We think Bake My Words is for everyone who wants to learn and master English. Your goal could be—preparation for competitive exams, mastery of the language, vocabulary building, or generally getting better at speaking and writing English. Regardless of your goal, you will find many free modules. In fact, you can get up to 40 hours of free practice. After that, you can buy modules based on your interest for greater coverage and mastery.

So why wait? Download the game right away and start playing. Invite your children, parents, friends, and co-workers to play. We promise, ‘Bake or burn, you will surely learn!’.

We think Bake My Words is for everyone. We have journeys, playlists, and fun elements for all.

Pro Learning is for serious learners. If you are in primary school, start with grammar. If you are in high school, increase your exposure of words for IELTS and TOEFL. Learn idioms and nuances of informal English to speak in an engaging manner.

In Fun Learning, anyone with a basic understanding of sentence structure in the English language can play the Starter track and bake like a pro. To make sure that the player is learning, we increase the difficulty level gradually and offer three more tracks: Challenger, Achiever, and Genius.

In Academics, you can find the entire curriculum for CBSE English. The multiple-choice questions are handcrafted by subject domain experts to ensure you excel in your exams.

Anyone can play Creative Expressions. Our content is age-agnostic and biasfree. If you come across any sentence or phrase that does not resonate with modern sensibilities, it’s most likely that the sentence or phrase is either a proverb or a quote from another time. Use the Flag icon on the screen to give us feedback on a string or question.

So why wait? Download the game right away and start playing. Invite your children, parents, friends, and co-workers to play. We promise, ‘Bake or burn, you will surely learn!’.



Bake My Words, a fun learning app to help learn and master English language. The application has been designed to master English language through gamification covering all aspects including building vocabulary, grammar, and learning the correct pronunciation.


Cretorial Media Services is pleased to announce the launch of a fun-filled educational platform called Bake My Words. Bake My Words is the ultimate AI-powered game for language learning, which helps you expand your vocabulary and learn sentence building and expressions. The setting and props of the game are built on the baking paradigm, which makes the learning experience fun.

“ Wholesome Learning”

The content structure includes multiple types of content, so learners have a wide array of options to focus on – idioms, proverbs, definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, sentences, and so on. Given that this is about learning English language, we see endless opportunities to scale up the content and serve to a variety of learners.

Have feedback? We are all ears!

The Bake My Words team would love to hear about your experience playing the game. What do you like about the game? What is not working well? What changes would you like to see in future updates?


Get Bake My Words on your phone
and enhance your English.

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